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Data Of Natural Resources And Environment

October 27, 2022  Ministry Of Natural Resources And Environmental Issues A Decree No: 2868/QĐ-BTNMT About Functions, Duties, Authorities And Organisational Structure Of The Department Of Digital Transformation  And Data Of Natural Resources And Environment


The Department of Digital Transformation and Information on Natural Resources and Environment is an organization directly under the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, with the function:

  • advising and assisting the Minister in unifying the management of information technology application and digital transformation activities,
  • develop e-Government towards digital government in natural resources and environment;
  • organize the construction, management and operation of the national information system and database system of natural resources and environment;
  • archives, information materials, library of natural resources and environment; provide public services in accordance with the law.

The Department of Digital Transformation and Information of Environmental Resources Data is a legal entity, has its own seal and account in accordance with the law, and is headquartered in Hanoi.

SPECIFICATION: About resource and environmental data information

a) Guide and inspect the collection, construction, management, storage, operation, integration, connection, interconnection, exploitation, sharing and use of information, resource data and environment schools as assigned by the Minister;

b) Guiding and appraising the construction, management and development of data infrastructure, specialized and national databases to ensure the development of the Digital Government; connect and share with national databases, specialized databases of ministries and branches with localities; the analysis, processing, services of information, digital data; the provision, sharing, use and opening of data in accordance with the law;

c) Build, manage, operate, collect, update, process, provide and share data and information of national database systems, aggregate and share resources and environment as assigned by the Minister;

d) Building, managing and operating data warehouse, big data and data processing center of shared environmental resources; develop, manage, mine, analyze and process aggregated and intelligent data for digital transformation, develop e-government towards digital government, digital economy in natural resources and environment as assigned by the Minister;

e) Building, managing, administering, monitoring and operating the Integrated Platform, sharing data of the resource and environment industry connected with the National Data Sharing and Integration Platform, the Integration Platform , sharing data of ministries, branches and localities; building, managing and operating the Data Portal, the Data Portal, which opens resources and environment for providing data, open data, and shared data in accordance with legal regulations;

g) Design, integrate and connect natural resources and environment data to meet the requirements of smart city development as assigned by the Minister.

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