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Metaverse – Virtual Universe and the Revolution of Everything

The author of the book Mathew Ball is a pioneering theorist, an expert on the Metaverse with articles read millions of times in leading US newspapers on the subject. He is a former Chief Strategy Officer of Amazon Studios and currently CEO of venture capital fund Epyllion Co.

In this literal and figurative book, author Mathew helps readers answer three big questions: What is the Metaverse? How was it constructed? How will the Metaverse revolutionize everything?

Ms. Hien Nguyen commented, “No matter what world we are in, the communication protocols are real, because they all come from real human consciousness. Just like how technology revolutionizes everything, people are always demanding to upgrade their versions to be better every day.

Therefore, the needs of personalizing the experience of living, learning and developing will be the ultimate desire of people in the next 2 years. Currently, Metaverse is still in the process of being studied by the world for its potential, but believe me, Metaverse will make your life more standard and colorful. And the author of this book is helping you shape the protocol and choose the living language that works best for you.”

Ms. Hien Nguyen is the Founding Lawyer of IMG Law, and Chairman of the Board of Directors, Founder of IMG Technology Education System in Vietnam and FHS International School in Canada. Currently, her education system has over 10,000 thousand students, of which online learning accounts for 30%.

IMG Learning, a part of the IMG Education education ecosystem, is a pioneer in providing comprehensive psychological and intellectual development solutions for students of all ages. IMG Learning’s goal is that every family in Vietnam has at least one IMG teacher or tutor; as a long-term companion on the path of learning, career orientation, skill development as well as behavioral psychology.

Putting myself in the position of a parent, in addition to researching teaching methods and psychological analysis, IMG also applies the most advanced educational technologies (AI, Blockchain, Metaverse, …) to improve education. scope of teaching and learning in the IMG Education ecosystem.

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