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Criminal case

11Criminal case

Professional Prestigious Criminal Case Legal Service

1. What is Criminal Case Legal Services?

Criminal lawyer service is a criminal legal consulting service, providing defense services for the accused, defendants or providing protection services for victims, civil defendants, civil plaintiffs. or persons involved in a criminal case to protect the client before the proceeding agency.

2. When to hire a criminal lawyer?

Pursuant to the Criminal Procedure Code 2015 (CPC), cases should hire a criminal lawyer such as:

  • Being denounced, being recommended for prosecution (Article 57).
  • Arrested, arrested in case of emergency (Article 58).
  • Being detained (Article 59).
  • Being the accused, the accused (Articles 60, 61).
  • Being the victim (Articles 62, 63).
  • Being a civil defendant who has interests and obligations related to the case (Articles 64, 65).

3. Legal issues Customers often encounter in Criminal cases

Often we may encounter legal problems of varying complexity during the resolution of a criminal case, which may include:

  1. Things to note when receiving summons from investigative agencies, procuracies, courts
  2. Rights of accused persons, victims, litigants, other procedure participants…
  3. When is it considered to have committed an offense or an accomplice
  4. Penalties for offenses
  5. Agencies and persons competent to settle proposals in criminal cases
  6. Procedures for initiating, investigating, prosecuting, and adjudicating proceedings
  7. Procedures for inviting lawyers to participate in the proceedings to defend/protect legitimate rights and interests in the case
  8. Complaints related to decisions or acts of the procedure-conducting agency or the person conducting the proceedings
  9. Appeal against court judgment/decision
  10. Valuation of goods, money, items …
  11. Assess the rate of injury…
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Criminal case

Working Process of Lawyers When Participating in Criminal Procedures

In order for customers to better understand the lawyer's work when making defense and protecting interests in criminal cases, IMG Law guides the lawyer's working process to be conducted according to the following steps:
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Step 1. Receive information

IMG lawyers receive requests for legal services from clients initially from the incident report, the decision to prosecute the case, the decision to prosecute the accused, relevant papers, documents and evidence...
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Step 2. Advice on legal issues

After receiving the case information, the lawyer advises on the criminal liability of the accused and defendants; aggravating and mitigating circumstances of criminal liability...
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Step 3. Assign professional lawyers to participate in the proceedings

The lawyer assigned the case cooperates with fellow lawyers to discuss and discuss to come up with the best solution for the client.
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Step 4. Reduce evidence and documents related to the case

The assigned lawyer or group of lawyers will guide and cooperate with the client to collect more evidences, documents and other proofs to serve the defense work and participate in the proceedings.
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Step 5. Completing the legal proceedings

Lawyers complete legal documents and send them to procedure-conducting agencies and develop defense plans for the accused and defendants; plans to protect the interests of the victims and related people when working with the proceedings-conducting agencies.
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Step 6. Participating in litigation, in court or in a legal proceeding

Directly participating in working with procedure-conducting agencies, participating in court hearings to defend the accused or defendants or protect the interests of victims and related persons.

Specific Issues in the Criminal Area

General provisions

The basic contents of the general provisions include: Basis of penal liability (Only a person or legal entity who commits a crime prescribed by the Penal Code shall bear penal liability); Handling principles: A number of important principles are applied in the course of proceedings such as: All offenders are equal before the law, regardless of gender, ethnicity, belief, religion, composition, social status; Strictly punish those who are instigated, leading, commanding, stubbornly opposing, thugs, dangerous recidivism, abusing positions and powers to commit crimes….

Provisions on the effect of the Penal Code

The content of this section, which regulates the spatial and temporal validity of the Penal Code for criminal acts:  The effect of the Penal Code for crimes committed in the territory Socialist Republic of Vietnam; Effect of the Penal Code for criminal acts outside the territory of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam; Effect of the Penal Code on time.

Crime regulations

Includes provisions on classification of crimes (four categories are less serious crimes, serious crimes, very serious crimes and particularly serious crimes; Age of criminal responsibility; Regulations on accomplices (organizer, practitioner, instigator, facilitator)…

Những trường hợp loại trừ trách nhiệm hình sự

Pháp luật quy định các trường hợp loại trừ trách nhiệm hình sự bao gồm: Sự kiện bất ngờ, phòng vệ chính đáng, tình thế cấp thiết…

Regulations on statute of limitations for criminal prosecution and exemption from criminal liability

Regulations on statute of limitations for criminal prosecution, cases in which the statute of limitations does not apply; Grounds for exemption from criminal liability…

Regulations on penalties

The main contents stipulate the purpose of the punishment, the main penalties such as warning, fine, non-custodial reform, timed prison, life imprisonment, death penalty, additional penalties such as: Prohibited from holding certain posts, prohibited from practicing certain professions or doing certain jobs, banned from residence, on probation, confiscated property…

Regulations on punishment decisions

Including regulations on grounds for deciding penalties, mitigating circumstances for penal liability such as: Offenders voluntarily repair, compensate for damage or overcome consequences; Committing the crime for the first time and in less serious cases…, aggravating circumstances of penal liability such as: Organized crime, recidivism or dangerous recidivism….

Regulations on remission of criminal records

Persons whose criminal records are expunged are considered to have not been convicted. Including provisions on automatic remission of criminal records, criminal record remission in accordance with court decisions, and criminal record remission in special cases.

Regulations for people under the age of 18 committing crimes

Regulations for under-18 offenders include principles of handling offenders under 18 years of age, measures of education and supervision applied in the case of exemption from criminal responsibility such as reprimand, education at commune, ward, town…

Regulations on specific crimes

The law divides them into specific groups of crimes such as crimes of infringing upon national security, crimes of infringing upon human life, health, dignity and honor, crimes of infringing upon property…

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Lawyers advise and guide clients and clients in drafting bail applications, applications for mitigation of penalties, applications for exemption from criminal prosecution, appeals, and appeals for cassation , retrial, application for suspended sentence, …

Participating in defense and legal proceedings as an advocate for persons held in custody or temporary detention since the decision on custody is issued
Lawyers participating in defense, lawyers participating in legal proceedings as defense counsels for the accused since the decision to prosecute the accused is issued.

Participating in defense, participating in legal proceedings as a defense counsel for the accused since the decision to bring the case to trial is issued.
Lawyers participate in legal proceedings as defenders of legitimate rights and interests of victims, plaintiffs, civil defendants, persons with related rights and obligations in criminal cases.

Customer feedback

  •  IMG Law’s criminal case legal service is brutally quick. I only need to prepare the documents that the consultant guides, the rest is supported from A to Z. Both save time and do not incur other costs.

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    Quoc Bao
  • All services here can be booked as a package, saving time, money and effort. All procedures are monitored and enthusiastically supported, so the handling of my criminal case is not too difficult. I’m so pleased everyone

    11ý kiến khách hàng luật hình sự 2
    Tran Tung
  • I shared a lot of experience in the legal process and after only a short period of time, I won the criminal case without spending too much money. Thank you very much IMG Law!

    11ý kiến khách hàng luật hình sự
    Tran Thanh
  • I was quite worried because I heard that handling criminal cases is difficult. Fortunately, I found criminal legal services at  IMG Law. Really this is a very reputable company, recommend everyone to experience the service here!

    11ý kiến khách hàng luật hình sự 3
    Thanh Lam
  • Thank you to IMG Law company for supporting our company in handling criminal cases with the object of public theft. My boss is very satisfied and will trust to cooperate with IMG Law for a long time. Happy growing company!

    11ý kiến khách hàng luật hình sự 4
    Emily Lien
  • One of the things I like about IMG Law is that there is a door-to-door delivery service so I don’t waste time traveling. Total peace of mind when using the service because all information is highly confidential.

    11ý kiến khách hàng luật hình sự 5
    Angle Trinh

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