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Fast Accurate Prestige Tax Package Service

1. Why should you use tax services?

In order to maintain smooth and lawful business operations, businesses must build a professional accounting and tax system right from the very beginning. For small and medium-sized businesses, startups that have just come into operation, this is a big difficulty. Because the field of accounting has very high requirements on the expertise of personnel as well as the level of “spending” in terms of funding.

Therefore, finding yourself a unit reputable tax accounting service with reasonable cost will reduce the burden on the company.

2. Who needs to use tax accounting and tax reporting services?

  • Newly established businesses, startups do not have much funding.
  • Small and medium-sized enterprises have not yet completed their accounting department.
  • The business has been around for a long time, but the accounting system is unstable and needs advice and troubleshooting.
  • Foreign-invested enterprises, do not understand Vietnamese laws.

3. Common tax and accounting problems businesses face

  1. Failure to promptly update the latest tax and accounting laws.
  2. Frequent mistakes in invoices, tax declarations, tax payment deadlines, etc.
  3. Accountants have little experience in handling arising problems, errors, and legal problems.
  4. Changing accounting personnel often causes difficulties in handling books.
  5. The cost for an accountant is quite high (at least 7-10 million VND).
  6. Small businesses, it is not necessary to have a fixed accountant.

Understanding the obstacles that businesses are facing, IMG Law’s package accounting service was born and became the optimal solution for businesses. We provide customers with a comprehensive tax accounting service, helping businesses save a lot of time and costs as well as minimize errors and risks in handling records and books. tax settlement…

The process of applying for tax services at IMG Law Firm

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Step 1. Contact a consultant

Consulting, collecting information of customers by phone and scheduling survey
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Step 2. Profile survey

Accountants come to businesses to survey detailed records and documents
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Step 3. Submit quote information

Send detailed job list and tax accounting service quote
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Step 4. Sign the implementation contract

Sign contracts and perform services according to standard accounting procedures.

Frequently Asked Questions About Accounting Services

Does a company that does not issue an invoice have to file a tax report?

Have. According to regulations, even if there is no invoice or no input invoice, enterprises still have to submit quarterly tax reports and year-end financial statements.

The invoice number in the price list is the output invoice or both the output and input invoices?

The invoice number in the accounting service fee table includes output invoices and input invoices.

Do I have to buy accounting software?

No. IMG Law  has purchased the package of the right to use Misa accounting software and you do not have to pay this cost.

In addition to the service fee in the contract, do I pay any other fees?

No. The service fee in the contract is a package cost. IMG Law commits not to incur any other costs – this is committed in the contract of using tax services.

Is IMG Law responsible if my report is wrong?

Have. Company IMG Law will take full responsibility if the customer’s tax report, financial statement is wrong due to the company’s fault.

Why Choose Tax Service Registration At IMG Law

Free consultation on the use of reasonable input and output invoices

Receive invoices and accounting documents on the spot

Classify and check the validity of original documents

Balance input and output VAT

Prepare tax return declarations, PIT declarations, report on the use of invoices, temporarily calculate CIT

Submit tax reports to tax authorities according to regulations

Completing vouchers and making accounting books

Prepare year-end financial statements

Customer feedback

  • Visa IMG Law service is quick and prestigious. I only need to prepare the documents that the consultant guides, the rest will be supported from A to Z. Both save time and do not incur other costs.

    11ý kiến khách hàng luật 1
    Tuan Anh
  • All services here can be booked as a package, saving time, money and effort. All procedures are monitored and enthusiastically supported, so tax declaration is not too difficult. I’m so pleased everyone

    11ý kiến khách hàng luật 2
    Tran Tu
  • I shared a lot of experience in the tax process and after only a short time, I solved all the paperwork without spending too much. Thank you very much IMG Law!

    11ý kiến khách hàng luật 5
    Thu Thao
  • I was quite worried because I heard that the tax procedure is very difficult. Luckily I found Tax IMG Law service. Really this is a very reputable company, recommend everyone to experience the service here!

    11ý kiến khách hàng luật 3
    Thanh Thanh
  • Thank you IMG Law for supporting our company with tax paperwork. My boss is very satisfied and will trust to cooperate with IMG Law for a long time.

    11ý kiến khách hàng luật 4
    Kathy Nguyen
  • One of the things I like about IMG Law is that there is a door-to-door delivery service so I don’t have to waste time traveling. Total peace of mind when using the service because all information is highly confidential.

    11ý kiến khách hàng luật
    Le Ngoc

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