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International trade investment

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1. What is international trade  investment?

a. Commerce

Trade is an activity of exchanging goods, goods, services, knowledge, money, etc. between two or more partners, and can receive some value in return (in money through prices) or in goods. goods and other services as in barter trade   In this process, the seller is a supplier of goods, goods, services, etc. to the buyer, in return the buyer will have to pay the seller a price. some equivalent value.

b. International investment

International investment  is a form of international economic relations in which capital is moved from one country to another in order to invest and bring benefits to the parties involved. Whereby:

  • The means of international investment can be currency, tangible assets (equipment, supplies) or intangible assets (patents, technical know-how, trademarks…).
  • The investment process always involves two parties from different countries: the party investing the capital (also known as the investor) and the receiving party (also known as the investee). During the investment process, the ownership of capital always belongs to the investor of the investing country, but the capital is used in the host country.
  • The purpose of investment is to bring economic benefits, or to realize political and social goals. The level of responsibility and rights of each party depends on the forms of exchange chosen by the parties. Each process of international capital investment can be assessed from broad to narrow angles: impact on the world economy, impact on individual countries, interests of capital owners.

International commercial and investment law services at IMG Law International commercial and investment law services at IMG Law

2. Why businesses need to understand international trade and investment law?

Vietnam is growing strongly economically. It is an extremely attractive country for foreign investors looking for opportunities in Asia. Especially in the context that Vietnam has joined the free trade community such as

  • World Trade Organization (WTO)
  • ASEAN Economic Community (AEC).
  • Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP)
  • Free Trade Agreement (FTA).

With a stable government environment, reasonable labor and operating costs, as well as promising economic opportunities. Vietnam will become one of the most dynamic markets for domestic and foreign investors.

Therefore, it is extremely important for Vietnamese businesses to understand international trade and investment laws. IMG Law understands and is ready to accompany businesses on this journey.

International Trade and Investment Law Service at IMG Law

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Basic Principles Needed to Be Embodied in Service Agreements, Multilateral Investments

Multilateral reciprocity/Most Favored Nation treatment (MFN)

The parties to the agreement mutually exchange market access preferences, including all rules defining the conditions, under which market access is not bound by other conditions and is not subject to any other conditions. segregated; so any advantage granted to one party is automatically granted to all other parties to the agreement (“erga omnes” application).

National treatment/general recognition

Market access and treatment of foreign enterprises are not ratified on less favorable terms than for domestic enterprises; Mutual recognition on the basis of respective national standards can be a concept for national treatment in highly regulated service industries where discrimination against foreign suppliers.


Notification requirements and requirements should be specified for the parties to the agreement, as a precondition for all other parties to define the pattern of (new) measures and potential impediments to trade relations: this is especially important in highly regulated industries such as financial and professional services and investments


To reflect “proven” and “reasonable” reasons for (protective) trade restrictions, such as public order, health protection, national security, balance of payments problems, and so on. or allow for the relief of certain obligations under special circumstances, such as prudential discrimination (financial services), or selective better treatment of countries that are party to preferential or economic cooperation agreements (e.g. European Community (EC), North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), South American Common Market-MERCOSUR)

Supervision/Dispute Resolution

Effective enforcement of commitments by the parties is essential to the credibility of any rules-based international trading system; in a supranational system, the performance of obligations is supervised by a supranational supervisory authority, requires the protection of legal proceedings in a legal authority, has the authority to impose penalties in case of non-conformity with the detected documents; in an intergovernmental system, the parties themselves decide whether to respect the rules (absolute or majority vote); The breach of agreement may force affected parties to rebalance measures.

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Customer feedback

  • International commercial and investment law services at IMG Law work very quickly. I only need to prepare the documents that the consultant guides, the rest is supported from A to Z. Both save time and do not incur other costs.

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    Le Bao
  • All services here can be booked as a package, saving time, money and effort. All procedures are monitored and enthusiastically supported, so the handling of trade and investment procedures of your business is not too difficult.

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    Tran Nhu
  • My company shared a lot of experience in the process of doing commercial procedures and after only a short time was able to make international investment without spending too much. Thank you very much IMG Law!

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    Phuong Linh
  • I was quite worried because I heard that international investment in Vietnam is difficult. Fortunately, I found IMG Law Law services. Really this is a very reputable company, recommend everyone to experience the service here!

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    Le Hai
  • Thank you IMG Law company for supporting our company with investment procedures. My boss is very satisfied and will trust to cooperate with IMG Law for a long time. Happy growing company!

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    Tina Thu
  • One of the things I like about IMG Law is that there is a door-to-door delivery of documents to my business without taking time to move. Total peace of mind when using the service because all information is highly confidential.

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    Ha Tuan

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