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High-tech crime

11High-tech crime

Professional Prestige High-Tech Crime Legal Services Package

Necessary note to use high-tech crime legal services
Necessary note to use high-tech crime legal services

1. What is high-tech crime?

According to Clause 1, Article 3 Decree 25/2014/ND-CP, a crime using high technology is an act that is dangerous to society specified in the Penal Code using high technology.

2. Types of high-tech crimes under the Criminal Code

High-tech crimes are now classified into the group of crimes in the field of information technology and telecommunications networks from Article 285 to Article 294 of the Penal Code 2015 (amended and supplemented 2017). As follows:

  • Crime of producing, trading, exchanging or donating tools, equipment and software for illegal use (Article 285).
  • Crime of spreading informatics programs that harm the operation of computer networks, telecommunications networks, and electronic means (Article 286). Crime of obstructing or disrupting the operation of computer networks, telecommunications networks and facilities electronically (Article 287).
  • Illegally giving or using information on computer networks or telecommunications networks (Article 288).
  • Crime of illegally infiltrating other people’s computer networks, telecommunications networks or electronic means (Article 289).
  • Crime of using computer networks, telecommunications networks and electronic means to appropriate property (Article 290).
  • Crime of illegally collecting, storing, exchanging, trading and disclosing information about bank accounts (Article 291).
  • Crime of illegally using radio frequencies reserved for emergency, safety, search, rescue, rescue, national defense and security purposes (Article 293).
  • Crime of intentionally causing harmful interference (Article 294).

3. Why need high-tech criminal legal services

Some important reasons that individuals, organizations or businesses need high-tech criminal legal services:

  1. Normally, individuals, organizations or businesses when using high-tech services often do not pay attention to the contract between the two parties, leading to a dispute that has no legal basis to handle. .
  2. Regulations on information security and database use are not clearly regulated, leading to loss and leakage of confidential information when using high-tech services.
  3. The legal subjectivity with technology service providers, when attacked by hackers, crashes the system, leading to heavy damage without any way to handle it.

Hi-Tech Crime Legal Services At IMG Law

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Common Types of High-Tech Crimes

Impersonating an officer of the Police, Procuracy, Court

The subjects will pretend to be police officers, the Procuracy, and the Court to call people to commit frauds, put pressure, and make various requests such as: Serving the investigation, confusing people … From there, a large amount of money had to be transferred to an account provided by these subjects.

Scams through social networks

  • Hijacking the victim’s social network account, continuing to create fraudulent texting scripts to the victim’s friends list; make friends via social networks and promise to send valuable gifts… Then ask the victim to transfer money to pay taxes or customs fees in order to get the money; or send a message via Facebook, Zalo… to notify the winner and request to pay the fee to receive the prize.
  • Objects of introduction are foreigners who make friends and get to know Vietnamese women in order to flirt, fall in love, propose to deliver gifts such as jewelry, cosmetics and large amounts of USD money via air to Vietnam. for gifts. Next, pretending to be an airport employee asks the victim to transfer money to a bank account for them to receive the goods in order to perform a fraudulent act of appropriating property.

Tấn công mạng để chiếm đoạt thông tin, tài khoản

Tấn công hộp thư điện tử, thay đổi nội dung các thư điện tử, nội dung các giao dịch, hợp đồng thương mại để chiếm đoạt tài sản; hoặc giả mạo các trang thông tin điện tử, các dịch vụ trực tuyến để lấy cắp thông tin tài khoản của khách hàng và rút tiền.

Fraudulent criminals appropriate property through e-commerce activities

The subjects opened personal pages to sell online, place orders, then advertise and sell items, asking the victim to transfer a deposit. After receiving a deposit or being transferred in advance to order goods, subjects do not deliver or deliver fake or poor quality goods, they often lock their website or delete it completely to remove traces, remove phone numbers and take over take the victim’s property.

Thông qua hình thức kinh doanh đa cấp hoặc qua các sàn giao dịch ảo

Các đối tượng thông qua hình thức kinh doanh đa cấp hoặc qua các sàn giao dịch ảo (sàn vàng, ngoại tệ, bất động sản), tự lập hoặc đứng ra làm đầu mối cho sàn giao dịch nước ngoài để lôi kéo khách hàng mở tài khoản giao dịch để chiếm đoạt tiền đầu tư.

Impersonating a bank officer

Criminals impersonating bank officials request to provide passwords, PINs or card information to handle incidents related to people’s banking transactions to appropriate assets.

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