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Business Restructuring

11Business restructuring

Prestigious Quality Effective Business Restructuring Service

1. The birth of business restructuring services

The development trend of the world and the change of Vietnam’s economy. Enterprises tend to organize a compact and efficient human resource apparatus, improve labor efficiency and develop employees in order to open a new development phase.

The current situation that Vietnamese businesses are facing is that there is a lack of strategy or a strategy that is unclear. Most companies are facing difficulties in capital sources leading to financial imbalance. In addition, many businesses face difficulties in using and managing human resources. Finally, there are many companies whose operating model is centralized, with no consistent assignment and division of responsibility in operation, leading to inefficient operation.

Therefore, businesss restructuring service was born to help your company recalibrate the old structure; maintaining and developing business activities of the enterprise; cutting unnecessary costs to increase profits for businesses; Centralized and effective cash flow management…

2. Common mistakes of businesses before restructuring

  • Inefficient staff.
  • Team work overlap, lack of responsibility.
  • System costs increase.
  • Human resources are redundant and lacking.
  • The team’s capacity has not met the job requirements.
  • The departments do not work properly.
  • There is no corporate and functional strategy yet.
  • The heavy organizational structure doesn’t work.

3. Effects after restructuring

  1. Change the mindset from leaders to employees towards professionalism and efficiency.
  2. Redefine corporate strategy and functional strategy (finance, production, sales, marketing).
  3. Reform the management, build a standard and appropriate organizational structure.
  4. Re-arrange personnel, introduce effective management, reporting and evaluation methods.
  5. Building ideology: vision, mission, core values ​​of the business….
  6. Develop policies, regulations, and work processes for the company to work more efficiently.
  7. Building a company-wide performance evaluation system.

As a leading unit, having successfully consulted and currently continue to support many domestic enterprises, BrainMark believes that it can successfully advise and support the implementation of business restructuring consulting. in a scientific and most effective way for businesses.

IMG Law's Business Restructuring Process

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Step 1. Situation survey

Based on a comprehensive survey of the current state of the business and make an overall assessment. On statistics, analysis and long experience from experts.
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Step 2. Make a plan

Offer the most feasible consulting options, in line with the company's strategy and characteristics, and in accordance with the business environment.
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Step 3. Execution

Provide practical action plans to concretize solutions.
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Step 4. Training

The guide is applied to corporate governance activities, creating an in-depth consulting service.

Frequently Asked Questions about Business Restructuring Consulting

Does a company that does not issue an invoice have to file a tax report?

Normally, corporate restructuring is usually consulting when income decreases (business situation worsens) or debts are high (financial condition deteriorates), but before falling into that situation, Enterprises can Several improvements can be made and we recommend that customers contact us immediately with financial concerns.

What size businesses will be the target?

Many customers are businesses with annual sales of 1~30 billion yen, but in general there is no restriction on the size of the target business.

Indicate the process from the beginning to the start of the consultation

Normally, the process will be as follows: 1) Customer contact, 2) Exchange, 3) Proposal/Quotation, 4) Sign contract, 5) Implementation of consultation. From start to finish 3) the customer pays no cost.

Is deployment support required?

It is not necessary to implement. If the customer has a need, or accepts our proposal, we will support the implementation of the business plan. Support content varies greatly depending on the needs of the customer.

How long does it take for this consulting service?

Normally, it takes about 3~6 months from the status analysis stage to the business plan development. In case of urgent need, please contact us.

Why Choose to Register for Corporate Restructuring Services at IMG Law

Free consultation 24/7

With many years of experience, IMG Law has consulted on restructuring for over 3000 different businesses, receiving many positive results.

Has extensive relationships with state agencies and social organizations.

There is a team of erudite experts with many years of senior management experience in many large organizations.

ISO 9001:2015 management system methodically and professionally.

Customer feedback

  • Business restructuring service at IMG Law is very fast. I only need to prepare the documents that the consultant guides, the rest is supported from A to Z. Both save time and do not incur other costs.

    11ý kiến khách hàng luật 1
    Le Tuan
  • All services here can be booked as a package, saving time, money and effort. All procedures are monitored and supported enthusiastically, so supporting your business on the system. I’m so pleased everyone

    11ý kiến khách hàng luật 2
    Tran Yen
  • I shared a lot of experience in the process of restructuring the enterprise system and after only a short period of time, it was effective without spending too much money. Thank you very much IMG Law!

    11ý kiến khách hàng luật 5
    Thu Van
  • I was quite worried because I heard about reorganizing the restructuring apparatus. Luckily, I found IMG Law’s corporate restructuring service. Really this is a very reputable company, recommend everyone to experience the service here!

    11ý kiến khách hàng luật 3
    Thanh Lam
  • Thank you IMG Law company for supporting our company with the paperwork on corporate restructuring. My boss is very satisfied and will trust to cooperate with IMG Law for a long time.

    11ý kiến khách hàng luật 4
    Kathy Le
  • One of the things I like about IMG Law is that there is support here, so my company does not take time to move. Total peace of mind when using the service because all information is highly confidential.

    11ý kiến khách hàng luật
    Le Ngoc

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