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Blockchain Technology Law Service - Blockchain Professional Prestige

1. Blockchain Technology – What is Blockchain?

Blockchain Technology – Blockchain is a decentralized database that stores information in blocks of information that are linked by encryption and expand over time. Each block of information contains information about the creation time and is linked to the previous block, along with a timecode and transaction data. Blockchain is designed to resist data change: Once the data has been accepted by the network, there is no way to change it.

2. Features of blockchain technology

The  blockchain  technology is similar to the database, only different in interacting with the database. To understand blockchain, it is necessary to understand the following five definitions: blockchain, distributed consensus mechanism (Distributed), trusted computing (trusted computing), smart contracts (smart contracts) and proof. proof of work. This computational model is the foundation of creating distributed applications.

  • Distributed: This mechanism is the opposite of the classical model of centralized consensus mechanism – that is, when a centralized database is used to manage transaction validation. A peer-to-peer distributed scheme transfers power and trust to a distributed peer-to-peer network and allows that network’s nodes to continuously store transactions on a public block. a unique chain: the blockchain. Each successive block contains a “hash” (a unique fingerprint) of the previous code; Therefore, encryption (via hash) is used to ensure the authenticity of the transaction source and eliminate the need for a centralized intermediary. The combination of encryption and blockchain technology ensures that a transaction is never stored twice.
  • The blockchain and blockchain services:A blockchain is like a place to store semi-public data in a narrow container space (blocks). Anyone can confirm your input because the block contains your signature, but only you (or a program) can change the block’s data because only you hold the secret key. confidentiality for that data. So the blockchain works almost like a database, except that part of the information is stored – its header is public. Stored data can be a value or a cryptocurrency balance. A blockchain acts as an alternative value-transfer system that cannot be altered by any individual or third party organization (since the data storage process is encrypted). It is based on publicity and secrecy, public view but secret control.
  • Smart contracts and smart property:Smart contracts are the blocks for building decentralized applications. A smart contract is the equivalent of a small program that you can trust with a unit of value and manage that value. The basic idea behind smart contracts is that escrow management for a transaction between two or more related parties can be sequentially verified through the blockchain, rather than through an intermediary. Specifically. Why rely on a particular person or organization when two or more parties can agree to each other, and when they can make terms and enforce the agreement by program and conditions? , the money will be transferred automatically when the condition is met.
  • Trusted computing:When you combine the platforms behind each blockchain, the decentralized consensus mechanism, and the smart contract, you will find that they support the propagation of resources and transactions in a single plane in a single plane. peer-to-peer way, and in doing so, they allow computers to trust each other on a deep level. The role of the blockchain is a transparent transaction validator, each peer-to-peer block can continue to trust each other according to the absolute laws of trust of the technology.
  • Proof of work: At the heart of blockchain operations is the key concept of “proof of work”, part of Satoshi Nakamoto’s built-in vision for the blockchain’s role in validating transactions. It has been shown to be a major barrier that prevents users from changing data on the blockchain without revising the proof of work. Proof of work is the key building block of the blockchain because it cannot be “repaired” and is protected through the power of a cryptographic hash function.
Để hỗ trợ tốt nhất dịch vụ blockchain chuỗi khối cần hiểu đặc điểm công nghệ blockchain
To best support blockchain blockchain services, it is necessary to understand blockchain technology characteristics

Blockchain Technology Law Service Overview - Blockchain

IMG Law provides the following legal services in the field of Blockchain to help your Blockchain activities always comply with Vietnamese law as well as protect your rights.

Protecting property rights – intellectual property

Although currently there is no clear regulation of cryptocurrencies, but for creative works that exist on a blockchain technology platform like NFT, Vietnam already has a legal framework to protect the rights of authors. those products. IMG Law will protect property rights, intellectual property rights and other related rights such as modifications or breakthroughs to Blockchain technology, as well as prevent infringements of those rights for authors. Blockchain works that you create. Our team will ensure that the copyright of the invention will belong to you as well as advise you on the application of that invention in accordance with the law.

Building a governance framework – controlling the blockchain platform

To best exploit the unique features of Blockchain technology, it is necessary to have a governance-control framework specific to organizations using this type of technology. IMG Law will advise, establish and build a governance – control framework for the optimal blockchain platform, complying with the law for organizations and businesses.

Transaction consulting – Tax

Although the law still has many incomplete, flawed, and overlapping regulations on the transaction of Blockchain technology and assets and works based on this technology, but now the transaction of all kinds of assets products, this work with a value of up to millions of dollars gradually became popular. Therefore, having a suitable transaction plan and complying with the law is an urgent requirement for the parties. IMG Law team will support you to get the best transaction plan as well as protect your rights when a dispute arises.

Legal advice on blockchain technology

Blockchain technology is considered to have a great impact on many areas of life, and the use of this technology on a case-by-case basis can affect social relations and legal aspects. To avoid unnecessary legal problems, please contact IMG Law for advice. With a team of legal practitioners with many years of experience in many different legal fields, we will advise you on the law to give you peace of mind and convenience in using blockchain technology.

Dispute resolution

In the event that a dispute related to blockchain technology occurs, we will represent you to protect and regain your legitimate rights.

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