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Transformation Assessment Quang Tri Province

October 31, 2022 Quang Tri Province People’s Committee Issued Decision No: 2793/Qd-Ubnd On Issuing A Set Of Number Transformation Assessment And Range Ratings Of State Agencies Of Quang Tri Province



  • Built a set of indicators to determine the Digital Transformation Index according to the characteristics and nature of state management of agencies and units in Quang Tri province.
  • Determine the scoring scale, evaluation method for the main indicators, component indexes and criteria.
  • Building and operating a software system that allows agencies and units to enter information and reports online; at the same time, it allows online lookup of the results of the assessment of the level of digital transformation of agencies and units.
  • Every year, the organization deploys, identifies and publishes the results of the digital transformation assessment of agencies and units.
  • Assess the current status of annual digital transformation at agencies and units; help agencies and units see the progress of their agencies and units in the digital transformation process.
  • Identify the necessary data to assess the current status of digital transformation implementation in the province.


  • The set of indicators must closely follow the content of the National Digital Transformation Program to 2025, with orientation to 2030; E-Government development strategy towards digital government in the period of 2021-2025, orientation to 2030; Resolution of Quang Tri Provincial Party Committee on digital transformation of Quang Tri province to 2025, orientation to 2030.
  • The set of indicators must ensure feasibility, be suitable to the characteristics and actual conditions, and evaluate the actual and objective results of the annual digital transformation implementation by agencies and units.
  • Increase the participation in the assessment of organizations and individuals with expertise in the digital transformation assessment process.
  • This set of indicators is open and updated and developed in accordance with the actual situation.
  • To form a synchronous and unified monitoring and evaluation system; using a software system to support the collection and calculation of digital conversion indexes to serve the calculation and update of digital conversion indexes.
  • Meeting practicality, feasibility in application and deployment.

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