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Submit application for registration of security interest

How to submit application for registration of security interest is Contents mentioned in Decree 99/2022/ND-CP on registration of security interests issued on November 30, 2022.

Accordingly, the application for registration of security interest shall be submitted in one of the following ways:

(1) Via the online registration system;

(2) Submit paper copies in person or by postal service;

(3) By email.

The method of submitting registration documents is specified at Points (1) and (3) for land use rights, land-attached assets, rights to use sea areas, and properties attached to sea areas or for land use rights. aircraft and seagoing ships shall comply with the provisions of law on land, exploitation and use of marine resources, aviation or maritime law.

The method of submitting registration dossiers specified at Point (3) for registration cases specified in Article 44 of Decree 99/2022/ND-CP shall be applied to persons who have been granted online registration accounts.

This Decree provides for the registration and provision of information on property security interests (hereinafter referred to as security interests); State management of security interest registration.

Registration of security interests, provision of information on security interests with securities centrally registered at the Vietnam Securities Depository and Clearing Corporation shall comply with the provisions of the law on securities. For matters not specified in the law on securities, the provisions related to registration of security interests in movable property other than aircraft or seagoing ships shall be complied with in this Decree.

This Decree applies to agencies, organizations and individuals participating in or related to the registration, provision of information about security interests, and state management of registration of security interests.

Decree 99/2022/ND-CP takes effect from January 15, 2023 and replaces Decree 102/2017/ND-CP.

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